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Blockman2D - Check out the Height Map Editor

Blockman2D is a set of Map Generator Tools to generate playable maps in a
free online game Ace of Spades By Ben Aksoy.

Blockman2D comes with the following set of tools

  • [More]  Isometric 2D - 3D Doodad Editor
  • [More]  Height Map Editor
  • [More]  Map Painter
  • [More]  Photo Map Generator
  • [More]  Map Generator
  • [More]  Block Exchange
  • ADVANCED Command line batch VXL Cleaner for converting VXL output from other software into a clean Ace of Spades VXL Format.

Blockman2D - Doodad (Model) Editor

The Isometric 2D - 3D Doodad Editor, to create and save creations from trees, buildings, bunkers, towers and whatever you can think of! Take your doodads and use them to populate your customized map landscape.


  • Visual Undo allowing precise undo with caching of the last 6 actions
  • Up to 12 x 12 x 12 Models of Trees, Houses, Forts, Lookouts
  • 3D and 2D Interactive Planes for Ease of Use
  • Disk Caching for Optimized Speed

Other Features

Blockman2D - Height Map Editor

The Height Map Editor to create a landscapes from mountains to islands. Using a set of gradient scales, a topographical map can be created which can then be saved, painted, and generated into a map.


  • Color Cache to Store a large set of used Colors
  • Smoothing, Random Plataues, and other Effects
  • Adjustable Dynamic Brush
  • Marquee, Eyedropper, and Shape Tools
  • Visual Undo allowing precise undo with caching of the last 5 actions

Other Features

Map Painter

The Map Painter, Taking saved Height Maps and with a large set of tools and options, you can paint your landscape. Using spray brushes, gradient brushes, darken brushes and more...


  • Visual Undo allowing precise undo with caching of the last 5 actions
  • Layer Transparency to view the height map as your painting
  • Round and Square Brushes
  • Import Photos, or make your own Shapes for the Shape Tool
  • [More]  Block Exchange

Other Features

  • [More]  Isometric 2D - 3D Doodad Editor
  • [More]  Height Map Editor
  • [More]  Photo Map Generator
  • [More]  Map Generator
  • [More]  Block Exchange

Map Generator, Photo Map Generator and Procedural Generator

The Map Generator to compile your map templates into the Ace of Spades game map format. Maps also work with the popular Ace of Spades server software Pyspades. You can paint your favorite images or screen shots of arial views of your favorite map site, the sky is the limit.

With the Photo Map Generator, I put together all of the advances features, and I made it simple and sweet, load a photo, add some doodads, choose your options, make a map... simple right? I told you so.

The All New Procedural Generator has all kinds of customization and features! With an included 30 scripts, that can be mixed, matched, or stacked to produce all kind of variations of maps! It also has a indepth biome editor, allowing custom doodads per biome, or flags and options for the different areas.

Map Generator / Photo Generator Features:

  • Select Randomly Placed Doodads
  • Select Water Color
  • Random Filters and Effects to Smooth and Shape the Landscape
  • Converting and Saving Project into VXL Binary Output

Procedural Generator:

  • Includes a custom scripting engine based in xml and, to make advance modifications.
  • Includes 30 scripts.
  • Includes Biome Editor
  • Import and Export Biome Data in XML Format

Other Features


BlockExchange will allow you to share your creations, and allow you to find parts and peices to make your map better!


  • Upload Your Doodads, Height Maps, and Map Templates
  • Search and Download

Other Features

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Copyright © 2012, Jeremiah Page, All Rights Reserved.

Blockman2D is Closed Source Freeware Software, and you are free to distribute as you like.
Please distribute the program in the unaltered original setup state, any other state is prohibited.

Created Using .NET Framework 4.0 Windows 7 Visual Basic 2010

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