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Blockman2D ChangeLog

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Released: October 21st, 2012
Version: BETA
- *NEW* Procedural Generator Systems - Including Biome Editor, Import and Export XML Format Biome Data. Share With Friends, or Manually Configure. - Includes VSCRIPT custom scripting language, allowing custom scripts and filters to be ran to Generate Maps! - 30 Included Scripts - 8 Included Biomes - New VXL Meta Data Editor, Allowing Spawn Locations, Map Information and Name, and Additional Scripts like Water Damage.

Released: August 9th, 2012
Version: BETA
- Fixed Map Generator VXL Writer, Now outputting and writing proper VXL Format!
- Added VXL Cleaner Command Line Tool Advanced Will batch read and write and TRY to clean vxl format files from other software exports to match the Ace of Spades VXL Standard.
  Run vxlcleaner.exe From the Blockman2D Install Directory "default: C:\Program Files(x86)\Blockman2D\" to view help, and remember to backup your vxl files before you clean, and verify they have converted properly before removing your backups.


Released: August 4th, 2012
Version: BETA
- Bug Fixes in Doodad Editor. Rotate and Vert Code
- Fixed and Tested Map Generator, Now Generating Maps with proper colors, shading system was to blame and was removed.


Released: July 29th, 2012
Version: BETA
- Window Resizing Added
- Window Multi-Task Added
- Water Shade Overlay Added
- Doodads max size increased to 20x20
- New BlockExchange System, allowing sharing of Doodads, Height Maps, and Map Templates.
- Undo Cache has increased to 10 for all three tools.
- Made fixes to Map and Photo Generator with Map Colorization, fixed a few issues, maps now painting accuratly.
- File compression added to the BDD, BHM, and BMT File formats.
- Thumb generated and now saved with file for BlockExchange.


Released: July 16th, 2012
Version: BETA
- Update Checking Added.


Released: July 16th, 2012
Version: BETA

- Doodad Editor Disk Caching Adding for Blocks, Furthur Optimized for Speed.
- Block Graphic in Doodad Editor Updates for cleaner lines.
- Undo Feature added to Height Map Editor, Map Painter, and Doodad Editor.
- Marquee Tool for Copy and Pasting Added To Height Map Editor and Map Painter. Use right click and drag to reposition.
- Shape Marquee Tool Added To Height Map Editor and Map Painter.
- EyeDropper Tool Added to Height Map Editor and Map Painter.
- Free Paint/Locked Line Painting Added to both Height Map, and Map Painter. Left click to free draw, right click to lock draw.

Released: July 2nd, 2012
Version: BETA

- Fixed Doodad Vertical Height Code for 2D Interface
- Created YouTube Tutorial Viewer.
- Created tool tip dialogs across system. Can be disabled in settings.
- 2D Interface now collapsable.
- Added Square Brushes to Height Map Editor and Map Painter.
- Fixed Alpha bug with Generated Maps
- Changed Random Brush
- Updated Map Painter Options GUI
- Bug Fixes and General Improvements.


Released: June 24th, 2012
Version: BETA

- Fixed Doodad Vertical Height Code for 3D Interface
- Added VXL Convertor
- Fixed some reported bug crashes.


Released: June 21st, 2012
Version: BETA

- Major Optimization to the Isometric Doodad Rendering Engine
- Added 2D Interface to Doodad Editor, Allowing user to use the 3D or 2D interface.
- Transparent Height Blocks renamed to Risers.


Released: June 19th, 2012
Version: BETA
Dev Started: May 21st, 2012

Copyright © 2012, Jeremiah Page, All Rights Reserved.

Blockman2D is Closed Source Freeware Software, and you are free to distribute as you like.
Please distribute the program in the unaltered original setup state, any other state is prohibited.

Created Using .NET Framework 4.0 Windows 7 Visual Basic 2010

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