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.NET Framework 4.0 Required
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Blockman2D .NET Fix / Issues

Their are known issues with the .NET Framework 4.0 Install that due to issues will
cause permission errors even when running the install as administrator.

These permission issues can manifest themselves in a variety of different odd and end errors
when trying to access folders or using an file opening dialog from within the program.

For most people this is what is working -

Download and Reinstall/Repair .NET Framework 4.0 from Microsoft

You should be prompted for a repair install, if you can do that, otherwise just do the install

Once the .NET Framework is reinstalled, go back to where you downloaded Blockman2D, right click
the blockman_setup.exe and select 'Run As Administrator'. ( As a side note in different
versions of windows this option can be found by right clicking - select properties - advanced settings. )

If you continue to have issues please contact via AoS Forums ( Link Above ) or via eMail

Copyright © 2012, Jeremiah Page, All Rights Reserved.

Blockman2D is Closed Source Freeware Software, and you are free to distribute as you like.
Please distribute the program in the unaltered original setup state, any other state is prohibited.

Created Using .NET Framework 4.0 Windows 7 Visual Basic 2010

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